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Visit us at Winter Arts and Pottery Sale

I spent yesterday at the annual Winter Arts and Pottery Sale put on by the Nepean Visual Arts Centre with Janice.  It was a trade show, but not the usual kind of show I attend.  No switches, routers, or PBX’s in sight, and nary a phone anywhere!  Instead, row upon row of local artists and potters selling their work.  Janice was showing a series of quilted batik wall hangings that she’s been working on recently.


Although there is a lot of quality work at this event, the show has been poorly attended.  It seems to have been  under-promoted, with fewer than 300 people visiting the artists.  That’s a shame, since many of the artists have huge amounts of work on display, and have obviously spent months working to prepare.

The show is still on today, and admission is free.  So if you’re in Ottawa, drop by and check out the show at the Nepean Sportsplex.  There are lots of nice pieces to see and if you’re in the mood to buy,  bargains to be had with some very nice work up for sale.

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Back to our regularly scheduled telecom stuff tomorrow…

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  • Sheryl Breuker November 23, 2008, 10:03 am

    WOW! Janice is a VERY crafty woman. How amazing. Now, Alec, why didn't you have her make me a gift for my birthday??? :)

    Does she have a brochure? Something I could see for pricing etc.? Or is there a website I could go to? You know where to find me. Let me know. Gorgeous stuff!

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