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Squawk Box November 11: iNum

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This morning we talked with Voxbone CEO Rod Ullens about the launch of their iNum service that provides a single country agnostic number under the +883 country code. An iNum number takes advantage of Voxbone’s IP-based intercontinental network such that calls from any location worldwide are either free or at a very low cost.

Rod spent some time outlining the key features and benefits of the service, how calls are made and the general rollout plans for this service. Spokespersons from four iNum Service Provider PartnersVoxeo, Mobivox, Truphone and OnState discussed how they will be using the service and their rollout plans. Of course, iotum’s CalliFlower will also announce  Wednesday their implementation of Voxbone’s service for access to Calliflower conference calls such as this one.

On the Calliflower Conference Call today: Jim Courtney (Moderator), Dan York, Kevin Baggs, Jeb Brilliant, Sheryl Breuker, Tom Carter, Luca Filigheddu, Carl Ford, Jason Harris, Brad Jones, Pat Kelly, William Volk, Peter Diedrich, Larry Lisser, Nabeel Jafferi, Sergio Meinardi.

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