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VoxBone rolls out first iNum service

iNum is the world’s first global telephone number standard.  Sanctioned by the ITU, it’s a global phone number beginning with the +883 prefix.  Essentially, it allows any business to establish a global presence at low or no cost to the calling party.  Think of it as an 800 number for the world.

VoxBone has announced that they’re rolling out the first iNum services today.  Wholesale carriers Arbinet, Belgacom ICS, Level 3 Communications and Stealth’s Voice Peering Fabric have all signed up to route +883 numbers.  Service providers including Jajah, Mobivox, Gizmo5, Ribbit, Rebtel, Voipbuster, Voxeo, Voipuser and we at iotum, have also signed up to use it.

What this means for Calliflower users is that you will be able to dial into a Calliflower conference call from anywhere in the world via our +883 number using services like Gizmo5, Mobivox, Jajah, and so on.  Stay tuned for more on that shortly.

Join Jim Courtney at 11 AM EST today to chat with VoxBone CEO Rod Ullens about this topic on the SquawkBox.

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  • Comcierge March 24, 2012, 9:08 am

    Excellent Product .. and that just makes things easier for people doing business internationally.

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