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Calliflower conference calls discovered by youth political campaigns

Over the last week we’ve had several large (100+ participants), but private, conference calls happen on Calliflower.  Without violating the privacy of the parties involved (no, I won’t say whether it was Democrats, or Republicans, where they were calling from or when), it appears that youth campaigns in this presidential election have discovered Calliflower conference calls.  With Calliflower’s integration with Facebook, these live conference calls are an ideal adjunct to the groups, fan pages, and other features already provided by Facebook.

Need to organize a conference call for a large group of people?  Check Calliflower out on the web, or try Calliflower conference calls on Facebook.

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  • Julien November 3, 2008, 7:52 am

    It is one of the use of calliflower where the features developed bring the best return and benefits. Glad to see it is getting recognized no matter which party it is.

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