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Squawk Box October 29: Guest GIPS

This morning we talked with Global IP Solutions about the future of video conferencing. You may remember Global IP Solutions as the company that teamed up with Skype to deliver high quality voice over IP from the desktop when everyone said it couldn’t be done. Today they believe we’re on the cusp of the same kind of revolution, but this time for desktop video.

VP Jan Linden and Product Manager John Hermansen discussed desktop video technologies, the challenges associated with delivering quality desktop video experiences, and what GIPS is doing to address them.  To help promote the work that they’ve done, GIPS has put out a whitepaper and video demonstration.


On the Calliflower Conference Call today: John Hermansen, Jan Linden Hudson Barton, Brad Jones, Nabeel Jafferali, Carl Ford, Jim Courtney, Jeanette Fisher, Adam Somer, William Volk, Todd Spraggins, Sheryl Breuker, Terry May, Sergio Meinardi and Yusuf Motiwala

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