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Desktop video space sizzles!

Things are getting quite heated in the desktop video space.

Late last night one of the pioneers in the space, Sightspeed, was acquired by Logitech in a deal worth $30 million.  Few details were provided by Logitech, other than a statement from Exec VP Junien Labrousse that users want video to be “integrated into their family lifestyle, which means going beyond the PC”. The Sightspeed team will become part of Fremont based Internet Communications VP Gina Clark’s team.    It’s an interesting move on Logitech’s part, given their much publicized relationship with Skype. One might surmise that perhaps Skype wasn’t ready to support Logitech to the extent that they wanted on non-PC devices.

Later today we’ll have Global IP Solutions on the SquawkBox conference call to talk about their view of the future of desktop video conferencing. You may remember GIPS as the company that supplied the technology which Skype used to deliver the worlds first reliable desktop audio solutions five years ago, proving skeptics and pundits alike wrong.  Today GIPS is making the same case, but for desktop video.

Anybody want to guess what Skype will do next?

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