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Squawk Box October 23: The End of the Enhanced Service Exemption

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It’s Regulatory Thursday, and Carl Ford leads a discussion of the the end of the enhanced service exemption.  The FCC wants to revoke the ESP exemption for Interconnected VoIP traffic. Such a decision would not only have a financial impact on Interconnected VoIP provider. The FCC’s counsel has already told the court that this exclusive jurisdiction means that states can still apply things like state USF contributions and other things (regardless of whether it is an information service and regardless of whether there is federal jurisdiction). Revoking the ESP exemption is a huge problem.

For more details on this issue, visit the Freedom2Speak website.

On the Calliflower Conference Call today: Carl Ford, Sergio Meinardi, Alec Saunders, Jim Kohlenberger, Claude Hayn, Dwight Irving, Dawn Mular, Karel Lukas, James Markus, Dan York, Mark Hewitt, James Body, Jonathan Taylor, Geoff Love, Ed Pimental, Anatoli Levine, Jeb Brilliant, Jeanette Fisher, Bill Volk, and Mohamed El-Mohri

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