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SquawkBox October 14: Election Day in Canada, plus new MacBooks

It’s election day here in Canada.  Today on the SquawkBox we talked about the impact of digital media and the web on the election campaign, both here and in the United States where they’ve got a little less than a month to go on their election.


After a little bit of good-natured ribbing from my American friends ("what? you guys are having an election?"), we got down to business.  Topics covered included the role of Twitter, Steve Gillmor‘s Newsgang Live Podcast, Barack Obama‘s use of advertising in xBox and the iPhone, Facebook, strategic voting, and the much speculated about Conservative database projects.

Later in the call we switched to the updated Mac’s that have been released today.  Speculation about the cool new features was running strong, and it turns out that the rumour mill was mostly right.  We chatted a little about the fact that the rumoured $899 model was in fact a new monitor, rather than a new PC.  And we also dove into Microsoft‘s Apple Tax argument.

On Today’s Calliflower Conference Call: James Body, Dan York, Jeb Brilliant, Steve Madigan, Hudson Barton, Brad Jones, Carl Ford, Dameon Welch-Abernathy, Jeff Black, Thijs Shoemaker, Randall Howard, William Volk and Sergio Meinardi

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