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Squawk Box October 10: Friday Wrap

First up — the economy.  On Wednesday and Thursday, VC’s in the US started to warn their portfolio companies to tighten belts.  Are there safe ports in this storm? Which companies are most likely to crash?

BlackBerry Bold quality has been another issue this week.  AT&T have delayed deployment, Orange has dropped deployment, and  the shares have suffered. Now there’s speculation that RIM might be subject to a takeover bid. Jim Courtney provided his insights.

And how about Verizon’s decision to impose a 3 cent increase on wholesale text messages?  Just as text seems to be getting a foothold in the US, is the largest carrier poised to kill the business dead?  Bill Volk explains that for many kind of businesses relying on SMS there will be no impact.

On the Calliflower Conference Call today: Jim Courtney, Mark Hewitt, Bill Volk, Warren Bent, Sergio Meinardi, and Dan Rockwell.

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