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SquawkBox October 8: Touch phone smack down!

This morning the news is all about RIM‘s Blackberry Storm. Today is the day that has been officially announced, not that there haven’t been leaks galore. And last week, Nokia announced their MusicXpress 5800.

Both touch phones, with music, these devices are designed to go up against Apple‘s iPhone. Each of these phones, and the iPhone, are strong in their own way: RIM on Email, iPhone on internet and music, and Nokia on media.  Apple has an advanced applications channel as well, whereas RIM and Nokia have less advanced or different channel models.

On this morning’s show, we handicap the contenders’ odds of success.

On the Calliflower Conference Call this morning: Arshad Merali, Carl Ford, Dan York, Dameon Welch-Abernathy, Jim Courtney, Mark Hewitt, Jeanette Fisher, Adam Somer, Jeb Brilliant, Bill Volk, Tom Orr, Sergio Meinardi

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