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Rogers cuts BES data prices. Enough to quell the complaints?

Rogers Communications Inc.

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Rogers have cut BlackBerry users who use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) a break, and not a moment too soon it seems.  Data plan prices for BlackBerry users with BES are marginally higher than for BlackBerry users on the BlackBerry Internet Server (BIS), but not nearly as unreasonable as before.

Under Rogers’ new pricing scheme, Flex Rate pricing is available for everyone.  On BlackBerry with BIS, any Smartphone or iPhone 3G, customers pay prices ranging from $30/month for 500M to $85 for 5G split into 5 tiers.  For the privilege of owning and managing your own BES at your own location, however, you pay an extra $15/month on whatever tier you use.

While more economical, and thus much more palatable, than the previous pricing model, it still leaves the question open as to why there is any difference at all.  How come 1’s and 0’s coming from my enterprise server cost more than 1’s and 0’s from Rogers’ BIS?  After all, isn’t Rogers’ marginal cost to deliver data from a server they own and operate (the BIS) higher than from a server owned and operated by enterprise (the BES)?

Presumably purchasing agents in major corporations everywhere are asking the same question.

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