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Squawk Box October 6: Bill St. Arnaud, CANARIE

Bill St. Arnaud, Chief Research Office at CANARIE, which is Canada’s advanced network organization, is on a mission. The primary focus for this morning’s call was alternative models for delivering fibre to the home.  Bill’s contention is that the triple play model can never finance fibre to the home and another model is necessary.  He thinks consumers should own their own connection to the network, and has ample data to back up that conviction.

In Bill’s world, the triple play of voice, video and data is underpinned by a piece of homeowner owned optic fibre, giving the homeowner the choice of which service providers for each of the main services coming into the home.  This is net neutrality taken to the logical end.

Incumbent’s reactions are mixed.  Some view it as a competitive opportunity to invade another’s market, while others see it as a threat.

And some of the consumers on the call expressed skepticism at the cost.

Check out Bill’s Blog for more details.

On today’s Calliflower Conference Call: Rob Nielsen, Dan York, Technically Speaking Radio, Jim Courtney, Sheryl Breuker, Bill St. Arnaud, Jonathan Jensen, Sergio Meinardi, and Bill Volk.

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