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Squawk Box October 3: Fair taxation of stock options

Today we talked about an issue that is particularly relevant for Canadians, especially during an economic crisis and an election.  That issue is the fair taxation of stock options.  Our guest this morning was Ragui Kamel from Canadians for Fair and Equitable Taxation, or CFET, which is a non profit that is targeting this issue.

We talked about the phenomonen of Phantom Capital Gains, how it impacts people, and the steps that CFET is taking to raise awareness of this issue and help to change the laws in Canada.  Often cast as an issue only affecting the rich, Ragui gave multiple examples of ordinary people who have been ruined by Canadian tax rules around stock options.  He also provide some simple advice on how not to be caught in this trap.

On the Calliflower Conference Call: Ragui Kamel, Ray Simonson, Jim Courtney, Mark Hewitt, Bill Volk, Tom Orr

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