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Squawk Box September 29 – The Credit Crunch

Today we talked economics.  The credit crunch in the US has lead to talk of depression.  As the banks have failed, we’ve seen folks like Jason Calacanis and Om Malik publishing viewpoints as well.  So, how will that hit technology markets?  That was our topic.

To add a little structure to this discussion we split the discussion into a couple of phases. First we discussed the impact on larger players — the giants like Microsoft, the carriers, the cable companies and so on.  And then we discussed the impact on the startup environment — does it make it harder to raise funds, what about exits, etc.

You will note that I’ve bleeped out the name of a company that was referenced early in the call.  This was at the request of one of the participants.

On today’s Calliflower Conference Call: Brad Jones, Jim Courtney, Bill Volk, James Body, Phil Wolff, Randall Howard, Dan Rockwell, Tom Orr, Sergio Meinardi

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