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SquawkBox September 26 – Skype for Asterisk, Apple NDAs, and Networked Workers

Yesterday was the announcement of Skype for Asterisk – a channel driver for Asterisk that allows Skype users to call into Asterisk PBX’s, and for employees of those business to use Skype to call their customers. With this move, Skype becomes a powerful addition to the Asterisk VAR’s kitbag.  What does it mean for employees, businesses, Digium and Skype?

All week long Apple has appeared to be stumbling from one blunder to the next with the iPhone SDK. Their draconian tactics aren’t winning them any friends in the court of public opinion, but we discuss whether it makes any difference at all to Apple’s business.

And the Pew Internet Report on Networked Workers was released yesterday.  Connected, Distracted, Ambivalent — that’s how they describe networked workers. We hack away at Pew’s dystopic interpretation of connectivity.

On today’s Calliflower Conference Call: Hudson Barton, Brad Jones, Jim Courtney, Wilhelm Wimmreuter, Jeanette Fisher, William Volk, Phil Wolff, Michael Graves, Randulo, and Sergio Meinardi

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