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Squawk Box September 24 – PaidInterviews CEO Jim Weaver

Paidinterviews is transforming the traditional recruiting model. Using PaidInterviews, candidates are better able to market themselves by building digital career profiles complete with videos, pictures and work samples. They can also network with other candidates and search the “Watercooler” to find employer ratings created by previous employees. Jobs are uniquely matched to candidates based on the way their ideal job is outlined. Once hired, a candidate is paid their “ask fee” as a success bonus.

We talked with PaidInterviews CEO Jim Weaver, about his business, business model, and the potential to disrupt the traditional recruiting model.

On the Calliflower Conference Call: Jim Weaver, Gillian Brouse, Bill Volk, Phil Wolff, Sheryl Breuker, Frank Abrams, Quinn Askeland, Greg McQuay, Sergio Meinardi, and Dan Rockwell.

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