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HelloTXT Hictu!

My pal Luca Filigheddu scored a victory for his Hictu! microblogging service yesterday.  Popular cross-posting service HelloTXT is now including Hictu.  HelloTXT lets you update all of your social networks from a single site. Video posting from within HelloTXT is apparently mere weeks away as well.

Now, what I’d really like is a service that takes my twitter update and then propagates it to all the other networks.  Maybe next iteration.

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  • Brad Grier September 24, 2008, 1:15 pm

    re: populating your twitter update on other SM services…have you tried Ping.fm? Does that for almost everything.

    Then, if you have the Ubiquity plugin for Firefox, you can update your status' from your browser without having to hit any site. Very cool.

    — Brad

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