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9 Simple Rules for Building a World-Class Business


Tonight was a new experiment for me.  I’ve never hosted a teleseminar before, but when Heather and Erik Olson asked if I would host their teleseminar 9 Simple Rules for Building a World-Class Business: How to get a Superior "Return on Life", I agreed.

Why?  The topic is personally appealing;  the idea that you should be measuring the value of your business based on not just ROI but also on the quality of life you can achieve with it seems like simple common sense.  So why is it so hard?  Lets face it, we’ve all sacrificed for our careers and businesses at one point or another in our lives. And we’ve also known people who’ve become trapped in that cycle of sacrifice and the result is often financial or personal disaster as friends, relationships and family suffer. Erik’s focus is helping the entrepreneur transform his or her business, and generate the quality of life that we, each and everyone of us who has started a business, aspire too.

The call was by turns informative and entertaining, funny and also very pointed. And if that wasn’t enough, at the end of it, Erik offered a free one hour strategy consultation to any listener, including folks listening to the podcast afterward. My advice? Take him up on it!

To Erik and Heather, thank you for entrusting your online event to me, and to Calliflower.  I hope you’ll choose Calliflower for your next online event as well.

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  • Warwick Foster September 25, 2008, 12:05 am

    Thanks so much!

    I'm looking forward to listening to the podcast. We are having a ride-to-work day here in my part of Oz, so I might stick the earplugs while I ride.

    Thanks for the content (always good stuff from you) – and the strategy coaching offer. I might take you up on it.

    Warwick Foster

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