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Lets face it, we’ve all sacrificed for our careers and businesses at one point or another in our lives. We’ve also known people who’ve become trapped in that cycle of sacrifice and the result is often financial or personal disaster as friends, relationships and family suffer. Tuesday evening I’ll be hosting a teleclass on Calliflower for those people — the entrepreneurs and small business people who are making sacrifices today.

imageMy guest Erik Olson has developed some unique material and insights into this particular problem. I’ll be interviewing him, using Calliflower, as we talk about how to get a “Return on Life” from your business as well as a return on investment. I’ve attached the invitation below. Feel free to join us, or to forward this to someone you know who might find it of value.

Best wishes, Alec.

Get More Out of Your Business Than You Put Into It. A Lot More!

Discover the 9 Simple Rules To Building A World-Class Business PLUS the Secret to a High Yield “Return On Life”!

Join Alec Saunders as he welcomes Syndicated Business Columnist, Author and Serial Entrepreneur, Erik S Olson on the FAB New Tele-Conference Application, Calliflower!

*** Click here to register: http://bit.ly/1zkPfL ***

For this FREE TeleClass with Alec Saunders and Erik S Olson at:

6pm ET, 5pm CT, 4pm MT, 3pm PT, 11pm London on Sept 23rd.

Register for your Personal Pin with Picture

Then call (218) 936-6581 and enter your pin

or if you prefer, you can choose to call with the anonymous pin 0111#.

Facebook Users can register here to access the call from within Facebook: http://apps.new.facebook.com/calliflower/conf/show/38937

Print this email and post it to your phone. You won’t want to miss this RARE call!

*** Click here to register: http://bit.ly/1zkPfL ***

I look forward to seeing you there! Return on LIfe! Bring It On!

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