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Thomas Howe Company takes first!

Thomas Howe may have lost his bet with Dean Collins over the survival of Ooma (at least that’s the way that this judge sees it), but he won something much bigger today.  Taking first place in the Broadsoft Xtended Voice Mashup contest for his Disaster Dispatcher, he also takes home a $5,000 cash prize.  From Broadsoft’s press release:

Created by Hyannis, Mass.-based Thomas Howe, the Disaster Dispatcher is a voice mashup that integrates Twitter, BroadWorks and RSS feeds to provide a one-window communications tool for emergency operators. By keeping all data in one window, emergency personnel can analyze the collection of information after the emergency to optimize response procedures.

“Disaster Dispatcher is a true mashup that integrates multiple services, a real use case, is Web-based and thus widely accessible,” said John Musser, founder and blogger of Programmable Web, a site that covers mashups, Web 2.0 APIs and the Web as a platform. “Twitter notification and RSS integration are creative applications.”

Well done Thomas! And that five large will no doubt make paying for the steaks from the Ooma bet a little easier to swallow.

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