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Dipwa offers cheap pink GPS

Dipwa.ca is a “deal a day” web shopping site, similar to Woot, but available to Canadians.  Visit the site each day to find out the daily deal, and whether you want to buy it.

Today’s deal is the ASUS R300 GPS system.  This unknown GPS came to market in 2007 at a retail price of $299.  Featuring a touch screen, bluetooth, and a variety of other features, it appears to be feature-comparable to Garmin’s StreetPilot series, with the addition of some nice 3D images.  StreetPilot sells on EBay for prices in the $150/range.  I found just two R300’s on EBay for $107 and $146 respectively.  EBay prices, whether for the ASUS or Garmin units, did not include shipping, which was an additional $25+ from most vendors.

Dipwa is selling the R300 for $120 + $9 shipping.  And, since they’re a Canadian vendor, they will add taxes, bringing the bill to $147.  On this unit, you can probably save $25 over EBay by buying from Dipwa.  The downside?  It appears that the only color offered is … pink.

You may get a better deal on Dipwa, depending on what you’re shopping for.  I suspect, however, that not every Dipwa deal is going to be a price leader and you may end up with some oddball color choices as the Dipwa team buys up odd lots and end runs of products to sell off cheap.

Even so, $119 for a pink NAV system is pretty darn cheap.

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