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Squawk Box September 8 – live from DEMOfall with Chris Shipley and Peter Yared of iWidgets

Today and tomorrow I’m in sunny San Diego for the DEMOfall conference.  This is grand daddy of product launch conferences.

This morning we chatted with DEMOfall Executive Producer and Host, Chris Shipley.  We talked about the origins of demo, what makes it special, and what companies presenting here can expect to get from the show.  We’ll have Chris back at the end of the week to recap the show with us.

We also chatted with Peter Yared, CEO and co-founder of iWidgets.  iWidgets lets content owners socialize that contact by embedding it directly into social networks.  Think, for example, of a fan page for Star Trek on Facebook that allows the visitor to play Star Trek episodes.  Peter also told us that they’ve won a contract with CBS that they’ll be announcing officially tomorrow at DEMO.

On the Calliflower Conference Call: Jim Courtney, Moshe Maeir, Jeanette Fisher, Bill Volk, James Body and Sheryl Breuker.


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  • Will Flavell September 9, 2008, 11:23 am

    Good Morning Alec,

    I hope that you are enjoying DEMO. It is cool that you were able to interview Chris Shipley.

    I liked your review of iWidgets. Another Launch that you might be interested in is DocLanding. They are a social document storage and collaboration tool. They also have some really cool security features. They presented yesterday afternoon and are available at station 25. You can also get a free account online at http://www.doclanding.

    Best Wishes at DEMO,

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