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Squawk Box Conference Call September 5: Apple Censorship, Microsoft Advertising and Shifts in the Telecom Industry

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Apple appears to be censoring applications in App Store. Yup. “Pull my finger” was turned down because of “limited utility”. My take? They’re trying to preserve the value of applications on the App Store. People want a field of dreams, not a field of trash.  We talked about whether Apple should or should not censor, and concluded that if they choose to censor they will need to relax control of the iPhone so that competitors to App Store can provide an outlet for third parties who can’t get into App Store.

We also discussed Microsoft’s new advertising with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates. I thought they were funny. But were they effective?  Definitely not nearly as effective as Mac vs. PC, but on the other hand this is only the beginning of Microsoft’s rebrand.
And how about the latest 3G numbers, showing the US vaulting ahead of Western Europe in 3G penetration? We had questions about how the data was collected, but concluded that this is just the inevitable march of progress.  It’s much the same as the latest reports that wireless now accounts for more than 50% of revenues, across the board in the telecom industry.

On the conference call: Dan Rockwell, Jim Courtney, Jeanette Fisher, Bill Volk, Martyn Davies, Craik Pyke and Jeb Brilliant.

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