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Squawk Box Sept 3 – developing for iPhone.

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We’ve beaten the topic of Apple’s App Store business model to death on this show before, so this morning we had a slate of guests lined up to discuss iPhone development, including ifByPhone‘s Irv Shapiro, Truphone‘s James Body, plus Martin Rosinski of Palringo.  Rather than discuss what a great distribution mechanism App Store is, and the story surrounding that one, our conference call focused on the nuts and bolts of iPhone as a development platform.  What makes iPhone different from other mobile platforms, what are the advantages and what are the gotchas?

We talked about:

  1. How long the companies had been building mobile apps.
  2. Why they made the move to iPhone.
  3. What iPhone brought to the party that other platforms couldn’t.
  4. The experience of developing software for iPhone.
  5. The hidden gotcha’s.
  6. Native vs Web based applications, and when to use each.
  7. Apples (in)famous NDA.
  8. The App Store approval process.
  9. And whether to risk Apple’s wrath and build applications for Jailbroken iPhones.

On today’s Calliflower conference call: Dan York, James Body, Martin Rosinski, Adam Somer, Nick Desbarats, Mark Petrovic, Arshad Merali, Mike Pruyn, Mark Hewitt, Irv Shapiro, Bill Volk, Jeanette Fisher, Craik Pyke, Jim Courtney, Dan Rockwell, Greg McQuay, Amy Hesser

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