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Squawk Box September 2, Chrome

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This morning’s conference call was about Chrome… Google Chrome – the browser that’s due to be launched in a little over an hour.  The hyperbole is already flying thick.

The bottom line for our panel:

  • If it’s really a better browsing experience they’ll use it, of course!  Process segregation and faster Javascript support all sound promising.
  • Nobody is really sure what Google’s strategy is, but there are some intriguing unanswered questions around the fact that their desktop browser and the mobile browser on Android are both webkit based.
  • It’s not really an OS, despite the hype, although it represents the inclusion of operating system features in the browser.  That’s a major step forward in making the web the application platform of the future.
  • We loved the launch strategy.  It was effective and got everyone talking.

And in the process, we ended up getting nostalgic for the early days of multi-tasking on PC’s… only now it has come to the browser.

On this morning’s Calliflower Conference Call: Dan York, Jeanette Fisher, Bill Volk, Michael Graves, Sheryl Breuker, Jim Courtney, Jonathan Jensen, Warren Bent, Dan Rockwell, Jeb Brilliant, Dave Brown and Andy Abramson.

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