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Nokia isn’t ditching VoIP after all!

All week long there has been a persistent story making the rounds about Nokia dumping VoIP support from upcoming phones.  This scribe even played a part in spreading the story… and it turns out to have been untrue.

Charlie, over on the Nokia Conversations blog, acknowledges that the VoIP client is missing from the N78 and the N85.  He also provides the following by way of clarification:

There’s no conspiracy here, no pressure from operators. Not to bore you all, but it’s simply that the VoIP code and the programming interfaces (APIs for you folks in the know) were improved.* Yeah, the company everyone was led to believe was turning its back on sending voice over the Internet is actually improving things in the next generation of the S60 operating system.

Alas, sometimes when that happens, stuff stops working (as Om discovered). So, developers have to go back and re-do their apps (as Om points out). A bit of a bummer, and sometimes leads to serious doubts as to the direction we might be taking (as Om found out).

That’s good news.  No doubt our Finnish friends will find a way to get the word out in advance of the rumour mill the next time an “improvement” breaks existing code.

Welcome to the world of software!

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