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Squawk Box August 27, Mobile Roundup

We had plenty to talk about today including:

  • The iPhone 3G is close to outnumbering first gen iPhones by selling 6 million units since launch a scant two months ago.  It took the 1st generation iPhone over a year to sell six million.
  • Meanwhile, Android phones are still on the drawing boards as sketches of the T-Mobile G1 leak out. It’s one hot looking phone, but will they have the application infrastructure to compete with Apple…
  • And  SmartPhone and PocketPC magazine has announced that their windows mobile focused publication is… ceasing publication.  A sign of the times perhaps?
  • And finally… more new Nokia N-Series handsets.  The N79 and N85 were announced this week.  Coincident with that was a great piece by Olga Kharif in Business Week on mobile VoIP… at the same time as Nokia dropped the VoIP stack from these new handsets.

On this morning’s Calliflower Conference Call: Tom Orr, Andy Abramson, Dan Rockwell, Jeanette Fisher, Jonathan Jensen, Sergio Meinardi, Bill Volk, Sheryl Breuker, Warren Bent, Jon Arnold, Jeb Brilliant, Jim Courtney

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