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Squawk Box August 26 – Voxeo CEO Jonathan Taylor

Whether it’s growth and expansion, new acquisitions, technology and APIs, or awards, Voxeo is on a roll these days.  This morning we spoke with Jonathan Taylor, CEO of Voxeo on the line to chat about some of the recent events at his company.

We spoke about their new release (Prophecy 9.0), their global expansion, acquisition of MicroMethods and fabulous growth of nearly 100% over the last 12 months.

On the conference call this morning: Dan York, James Swing-r, Ron Blaisdell, Anthony, Jeb Brilliant, Brian Cross, Brad Jones, John D, Sergio Meinardi, James Body, Peter Diedrich, Dan Rockwell, Jim Courtney, Alex van Dijk, Megan Dyer Maxwell, Frank Abrams, Gordon, Kim Beers Martin, RJ Auburn, Nicole, Tom Orr, Jason and Don.

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