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Blog comment spammers get bolder

Ever wanted to spam blog comments to the world?  Create thousands of back links, and annoy bloggers the world over?  Now it’s easy, with automated comment spamming systems.

Yeesh.  Comment spammers are getting bolder all the time.  This morning I’ve received two piece of comment spam advertising blog comment spam systems…


Don’t waste your money.  Firstly, all modern blogging systems implement REL=NOFOLLOW links in comments, so the backlinks and trackbacks advertised by these systems are worthless.  Secondly, advanced spam catching systems like Akismet weed crap comments out anyway.  Since installing Akismet in May of 2006, it has trapped over 1.4 million spam comments for me.  Currently, Akismet is weeding out approximately 2,400 spam comments per day.

There’s only one way to build quality backlinks – have something to say, and work hard at building relationships with others who have something to say.

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  • lankapo August 26, 2008, 11:27 pm

    wow millions of spam trapped by you. Your blog must be famous then.

    Spammer is bad people. They are selfish and materialistic. Just send them to zoo in lion cage haha.

    I got spam comment evryday, and have to waste my time delete it.

    Spammer sux

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