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Squawk Box August 25 – Talking Phweet with Stuart Henshall

It was last week that Aircell announced that they would block VoIP on their in-flight service.  Andy Abramson promptly demonstrated the futility of their actions by using Phweet to conduct a five minute conversation with Laptop Magazine’s editor Joanna Stern.  To find out what happened, and how Phweet works, we turned to Phweet founder Stuart Henshall — our guest this morning.

On this morning’s conference call: Stuart Henshall, David Beckemeyer, Brad Jones, James Swing-r, Dan York, Aswath Rao, Jeb Brilliant, Sheryl Breuker, Andy Abramson, StartupCFO, Bill Volk, Don Thorson, Jeanette Fisher, Michael Graves, and Frank Abrams

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  • David Beckemeyer August 26, 2008, 4:43 pm

    Fun Squawk Box Alec. Thanks for hosting.

    One small correction to some information on the Podcast recording. The podcast refers to the PhoneGnome platform as "Asterisk-based." Asterisk is a great platform and we use it at PhoneGnome in various ways, but we have spent over 10 man years developing proprietary PhoneGnome system software and so there are far more parts of the PhoneGnome platform that are not "Asterisk" – we have our own custom SIP core, API, and platform layers etc.

    The following diagram may provide some further details regarding the platform: http://www.phonegnome.com/images/TelEArchitecture

  • Alec August 26, 2008, 5:48 pm

    Thanks for the clarification, David.

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