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Andy’s Phweet Aircell call

You have to laugh at the ends that corporations are willing to go to in order to artificially shape people’s behaviour.  Case in point — the recent conversation that has been going on surrounding Aircell’s decision to ban VoIP calls from airplane seats.  For those not in the know, Aircell is the company that delivers internet to the passenger seat on American Airlines.  “Out of consideration for other passengers“, they’ve chosen not to allow VoIP conversations.  Umm?  What about Airfone?  Been around for years!

Anyway, Andy Abramson did successfully have a call from his seat yesterday, using the new Phweet service.  How?  Well, Phweet uses a flash based client.  It’s not Skype, and clearly Aircell isn’t sniffing for whatever protocol Phweet’s client uses.

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  • Andy Abramson August 22, 2008, 5:27 am

    Actually, Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine (laptopmag.com) was on the plane. I was in my hotel room in San Francisco, but came up with the idea of using Flash Audio via Phweet.

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