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Shooting with Nokia

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a day in Toronto at a super secret location as part of a film shoot that Nokia is doing.  Nokia asked some bloggers to participate to add a little external feedback.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been on an actual film set.  For some of the old hands I think it was probably nothing new, but for me it was pretty darn cool.


Does this guy look familiar? He should, if you’re a fan of Law and Order.  Actor,  and Novelist Ron McLarty was the star of the shoot.


And here you can see Ron kibbitzing with Finnish producer Marko Kulmala, founder of Insano Productions.


And how about a few familiar faces?  Jonathan Greene, Jason Harris, Jim Courtney, and yours truly. We took a spin in Ron’s chair on the set.


Noise is a huge factor on the set. Thus, much of the shoot was spent hanging out in the green room watching what was happening in the studio on giant monitors.  It made for a great opportunity to catch up with people, and hold forth on various subjects.  Intense geekery as well.  What might in a room full of phones and bloggers?


Watch for the production this fall.  It’s called Nokia Legends.  When it’s finally released, I’ll try to get a few of the Nokia team on the SquawkBox to tell us about their goals, what they’ve created, and why. And maybe, if we’re lucky, Ron McLarty… who knows?

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  • JimAtJaxtr August 22, 2008, 2:30 pm

    Now that's quite a treat for being into phones and phone technology. Congrats, and keep us posted on when that vid comes out.

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