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Squawk Box August 20 – iPhone vs N-series Smackdown and Talking Piracy

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For all the phone geek’s listening in, we had a spirited discussion of Ted Wallingford’s Nokia N-Series vs iPhone 3G Smackdown blog posting on today’s conference call.  Ted couldn’t join us on the call, but we discussed whether Ted has the right criteria, and whether we agree with his conclusions.  A lot of opinions were expressed.

For those contemplating a purchase, you may want to check out the ChoiceBot model that Nick Desbarats has created, which will allow you to rank various phones based on your personal purchase criteria.

And, starting at 26:33 into the recording we chat with Positech Games Cliff Harris, who has just published a piece titled Talking to Pirates, in which he asked people why they pirated games… and he learned some surprising things.

Raucous, opinionated, and thoroughly enjoyable.

On this morning’s conference call: James Swing-r, James Body, Ken Camp, Dan Rockwell, Hudson Barton, Jim Courtney, Moshe Maeir, Mark Hewitt, Bill Volk, Randall Howard, Todd Spraggins, Sheryl Breuker, Frank Abrams, Cliff Harris, Greg McQuay, Nick Desbarats

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