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Squawk Box August 19 – Sightspeed VP Eric Quanstrom

SightSpeed Marketing VP Eric Quanstrom joined us on this morning’s SquawkBox conference call.  This call was inspired by the fact that SightSpeed seems to be multiplying the number of ways that you can use their technology pretty dramatically. They’re touching everything from MySpace to corporate video conferencing.   It seemed a good opportunity to hear from one of the market leaders in desktop video how the market is evolving.

We covered SightSpeed’s product offerings, corporate video versus personal desktop video, and how the new SightSpeed Lite widgets embedded in MySpace and Hi5 have different usage models from traditional video calling.  Along the way we also talked about the background trends in the industry that are driving the adoption of video, such as the inclusion of video on almost all new consumer laptops.

On the conference call: Eric Quanstrom, Mike Pruyn, James Body, Jeb Brilliant, Cheryl Cink, Sheryl Breuker, Jim Courtney, Bill Volk and Andy Abramson

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