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Squawk Box August 14 – Guest Peter Diedrich

Today’s guest was Mobivox CEO Peter Diedrich.  Peter was part of the VC funding group that funded Mobivox two and a half years ago, spent 18 months as the CEO of TBayTel in Canada, and then took on the CEO role at Mobivox in June of this year.

We discussed what Mobivox is, and the Mobivox experience plus the things that Peter saw in Mobivox when he took on the CEO role that really make it special.  He also gave us an update on some of the price change controversies that erupted a couple of months ago, and talked with us a little about partnering opportunities with Mobivox, and the recent deal they did with JAJAH to produce the JAJAH Concierge.

Peter’s background as a telecom executive and VC brings a different flavour to this interview from many of our interviews.

Enjoy the call!

On today’s free conference call: Brad Jones, Jim Courtney (who also wrote about Mobivox today), Mark Hewitt, Jeb Brilliant, Bill Volk, Warren Bent, James Body, Mike Pruyn, Sheryl Breuker, Greg McQuay, and Peter Diedrich.

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