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Squawk Box August 13

Chrysler is intending to sell a mobile EVDO router for the car. Their idea is that you can turn your car into a mobile hotspot. Our group panned it to start, but then as we discussed it more, it seemed like there might be uses – tracking traffic, navigation and many more possibles.  Of course, team Chrysler is saying “get it because your kids want to surf the web in the back seat”.

As part of the discussion JoikuSpot was mentioned.  JoikuSpot is a fabulous utility from Finland that lets you turn any compatible Nokia handset into a mobile wifi hotspot via the 3G connection. Many of us on the call had tried it and recommended it.

TheFunded.com is getting sued by EDF Ventures.  Is this TheFunded’s watershed moment?  Well, it’s not the first time they’ve been challenged and probably won’t be the last.  We were treated to a short discussion of press sourcing rules and libel laws by Andy Abramson as well.

And finally, we talked about the debate going on in the web right now about whether tech companies need PR anymore.  We’ve got a number of bloggers and tech founders who are regulars on the show, as well as Andy Abramson joining in.  It was a good discussion, including a segment touching on the GIPS announcment that went so spectacularly wrong last week.

On this morning’s free conference call by Calliflower: Hudson Barton, Arshad Merali, Andy Abramson, Jim Courtney, Jeanette Fisher, Adam Somer, Jeb Brilliant, Bill Volk, James Body, and Sheryl Breuker.

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