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JAJAH.Babel real time translation launches

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JAJAH.Babel just launched a few minutes ago.  It’s a simple service that puts a translator on the other end of the phoneline.  Developed in conjunction with IBM Research, JAJAH.Babel lets you call a local number in China, the US, the UK and Australia, speak a message in Chinese or English, and hear a corresponding translation.  You can even carry on a conversation between two parties by handing the telephone back and forth with each party speaking in their own language.

To give it a try in North America:

  1. Dial +1.718.513.2969
  2. Choose which language you want your message translated into (either English to Chinese or Chinese to English
  3. Say your message and press #
  4. You will be able to confirm that your message was properly understood by the system.
  5. The message will automatically be played back in Chinese. If you wish, simply hand your phone to the other person or put the phone on loudspeaker so they hear the message.
  6. The other person can then record a message in Chinese, following the steps above, and you will hear their message in English

I tried it.  I can’t evaluate the quality of the translation, but the call itself was crystal clear, and what came back certainly sounded like authentic Chinese to me.

Slick.  Really slick.  I’m impressed, team JAJAH!

And in related news, JAJAH also unveiled a partnership with MOBIVOX — the JAJAH Concierge.  That’s two voice recognition applications in one day from JAJAH.  A trend in the making?

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