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Squawk Box August 6 – YouGetItBack

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Everyone has, at one time or another, lost a piece of consumer electronics like a cell phone, or an iPod.  There has really been no easy way to find it and recover, until now.  Today we talked with YouGetItBack CEO Frank Hannigan about their solution for these problems.

YouGetItBack solves these problems in two ways:

  1. They allow you to purchase and tag your electronics.  When a device is lost, the finder of that device simply calls the number on the tag, and arrangements are made to return it.
  2. The allow you to control access to the data on your device.  Logging into their website, one can lock down the lost device, recover data like address books and phone numbers from the device, and even tap into the onboard GPS (if present) to have the device tell you where it can be found.

As Frank Hannigan said on the call today, billions of things are lost every year.  It’s a problem we can all relate to, and YouGetItBack has developed an easy solution.  Available globally, on their web site, for between $10 and $20 per year per device.

On the call: Frank Hannigan, Jim Courtney, Adam Somer, Bill Volk, Sheryl Breuker, Mike Pruyn, and Jonathan Jensen.

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  • Larry July 4, 2009, 1:05 pm

    You may also want to check out TagIDz.com for a similar but more online version of this type of service. TagIDz allows you to place a registered tag on any item and allows online messages to communicate with those who find an item.

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