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Squawk Box, August 5th

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First we chatted about Vint Cerf‘s proposal that ISPs should guarantee minimum bandwidth to their customers. The engineering problems with guaranteed bandwidth appear to be the achilles heel of Cerf’s proposal.

We also chatted a little about the reports from the Wall Street Journal and others this morning that AT&T is getting into the cloud computing business.

And finally, we talked about Apple’s admission that MobileMe was released too early. Not much controversy there, and we ended up talking mostly about the business prospects for iPhone, and the consumer prospects for BlackBerry.

Today’s show was recorded in the lobby of the Toronto Hilton. Voice was by Blackberry, and I ran Calliflower on iPhone which I had tethered to the 3G connection running on my Nokia E71 using the Joiku mobile hotspot.  It was a fun bit of geekery, and worked remarkably well.

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