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Host a teleseminar with Calliflower

Web Worker Daily has written a list of 10 ways to make money online.  #6? Hold educational teleseminars.

Are you great at web design or online marketing or any other kind of Web work and have wanted to share your skills on a larger scale while getting paid to do it? If you’ve got the expertise, bottle it and sell it widely in the form of a live teleseminar where you charge a fee for participation and then archive it in your online store to generate recurring revenues. You can do simple web-based conference call coordination through Rondee or get fancier with simultaneous text chat and online documents with Calliflower.

In fact, a number of teleseminars and podcasts are hosted right now on Calliflower.  Many of the features in Calliflower were designed specifically for that market.  So, if you’re looking for teleclass solution, check Calliflower out. And don’t just take my word for it.  Web Worker Daily also wrote a review of Calliflower last week.

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  • Peter Childs August 14, 2008, 4:29 am

    There are two great reasons to add conferencing to your marketing mix

    1. Like web apps conferencing eliminates geography allowing every customer connected with a site to participate

    2. Unlike web apps conferencing provides a direct and personal connection between you and the customer – deepening brand connection.

    What would make this compelling to more businesses is the ability to add one way desk sharing or video to the session.

    Visual cues enrich every conversation and make it possible to convey meaning that is not possible any other way. This the sweet spot for marketing applications.

    The immediacy of audio conferencing, the common framework of a shared visual and none of the complexity or bandwidth requirements of sharing control of the visual information.

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