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RF.COM debuts iPhone dialer

Looking for an inexpensive long distance calling solution for iPhone?   Or perhaps you want to be able to call friends on Skype, MSN, GTalk, FWD, or another SIP calling solution.  RF.COM may be just the answer for you.  A web based call through solution for iPhone, it’s simple and works well.

Simply visit the RF.COM site, create an account and register your phone.  At that point, you’re ready to go. Point Safari at RF.COM, login, enter the number or person you wish to reach, (it takes SIP URIs and Skype account names as well) and then make your call. To reach a person on an IP network, RF.COM causes your phone to dial a 778 area code number (the usual charges may apply), and then bridges the call to Skype, or a SIP account.

I tried a call this morning to an ordinary cellular number, as well as to Howard on Skype.  Both worked as advertised.

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  • jules August 5, 2008, 4:54 am

    Hey there Alec!
    When you dial the 778 number, you don't end up staying connected during the duration of the call do you? Does RF dial you back to complete the bridge?
    (akin to Jajah?)


  • Alec August 5, 2008, 7:10 pm

    It's a dial-in model Jules. Different from Jajah — more like Truphone anywhere.

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