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Squawk Box July 31

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Summer is in full swing.  News is in short supply, and people are on holiday!  Still, with the assistance of James Body, Jeb Brilliant, and Ian Hood, we had a good discussion around a few short stories.

Nokia has announced that there will be no BlackBerry Connect support from Nokia in the future. BlackBerry is a competitor, they say!  Why would they do that?  Why do they continue to support Microsoft with Exchange?  And is this such a good idea when they have such small share in the Enterprise mail market?

Or perhaps RIM had a hand in this decision.  Hmmmm…

We also talked about Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment – the blind taste test of Windows Vista. Our conclusion — a publicity stunt.

And Google announced a VC fund.  And it feels like 1999 all over again, except for the lack of VC money to back up these corporate funds.

And finally what about Phweet – the service that lets you make Click to Call calls from Twitter!  James tried it, and had a problem, but the idea looks promising.

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  • Stuart Henshall July 31, 2008, 10:00 pm

    Thanks Alec for the phweet mention… We had to let it loose into the wild to really see both what will happen and because a service that does all it's signaling by Twitter really is public. We're solving the minor bugs and I look forward to testing it out with you.

    I'm already learning what an inspiration you are! I appreciate even more now after one day the effort and impact you have made with Squawk Box. Keep it up.

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