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Thank you Dan, Carl and David

For three weeks of July I played hookie.  Janice and I, plus our kids, were cruising around Europe being tourists and enjoying a family reunion with my brothers, their wives and our parents.  While I was gone Squawk Box was ably chaired by first Dan York, then Carl Ford, and finally David Spark.  I’ve had the opportunity to listen to several of the episodes they recorded.  You were superb my friends, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Monday (which is tomorrow) we resume our regular show.  Here are this week’s shows.  Hope you can join us.

Mon http://apps.calliflower.com/conf/show/35768
Tue http://apps.calliflower.com/conf/show/35769
Wed http://apps.calliflower.com/conf/show/35770
Thu http://apps.calliflower.com/conf/show/35771

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