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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-23

  • Twitter Updates for 2008-07-21: 6600 km driven over 3 weeks. Enjoying a beer at Frankfurt airport befor.. http://tinyurl.com/5tnqwn #
  • wishing that the Facebook photo upload tools weren’t so lame #
  • chatting with @jimcourtney about how to get a deal on iPhone 3G upgrade #
  • Fractals of Change: How To Lose Your Company http://tinyurl.com/5plth9 #
  • Squawkbox July 22: Kind of a light SquawkBox today. On the first day back after my vacation we had an o.. http://tinyurl.com/5rf5ca #
  • @jeanettejoy not sure why it won’t let me add the recording… very odd. #
  • Just my luck. WP 2.6 breaks podpress. #
  • Twitter Updates for 2008-07-22: Join us on this morning’s SquawkBox at 11 AM — http://snurl.. http://tinyurl.com/6bfmkw #
  • Patch For WordPress 2.6 PodPress Problems – Podcasting News http://tinyurl.com/6gwows #
  • Step away from the hype: 5 ways where iPhone 3G still lags enterprise-wise http://tinyurl.com/gfr9n #
  • Servers in the home remain scarce http://tinyurl.com/5wp3ds #
  • Rogers $30/month plan is only a small victory for consumers: While I was on vacation, Rogers blinked.  .. http://tinyurl.com/5k7c2s #
  • I’m starting to get FriendFeed. Twhirl makes a huge difference #
  • No squawkbox today. Regular programming resumes next week. Digging out after a vacation is a lot of work! #

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