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SquawkBox – July 21st, 2008 – Seven reasons why the new iPhone sucks

David SparkDavid Spark (subbing in for Alec Saunders) here of The Spark Minute subbing in for Alec Saunders today on the Squawk Box.  My guest on today’s show was Andrew Eisner of Retrevo, the consumer electronics search engine. I asked Andrew to come on and discuss his extremely popular article, “Seven reasons why the new iPhone sucks” and how Retrevo finds and indexes all content online about consumer electronics. We also got to talking about iPhone applications as well and if Apple’s walled garden approach is better or worse than the carrier’s walled garden approach.

Other topics in this show include the insane volume of High Def coverage that will be at the Olympics, the good and bad with Bluetooth and wired headsets.

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