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SquawkBox – July 17th, 2008 – Day in the life Regulatory Reality

The Abstract for this event

How does a carrier stay in compliance with regulation, when so many agencies claim jurisdiction? What resources are required and what issues are faced in coping with expanding services beyond a specific jurisdiction? Sam Shiffman and a fellow service provider will provide some insight as to the realities managing telecom regulation.

The guests included Sam Shiffman from Point One, Jeff Brueggeman from ATT and Glenn Richards from Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman. LLP

The call looked at bringing new services into the marketplace and dealing with regulation being applied after the service was established.

We (mostly Glenn) also did some predictions about what happens after the upcoming US elections. He actually starts off the call because I was trying to solve a logistics problem.

Another great lesson was shared by Glenn in that bundled services to the customer can be accounted to the regulators in unbundled ways which has a potential to limit tax obligations.


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