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Squawk Box – July 16, 2008 – Net Neutrality

Wow, This was a great discussion

It’s clear that the debate about Net Neutrality is contentious.

Having recently seen some state legislation aimed at reform that then ended up being more restrictive, the discussion on Net Neutrality can be particularly worrisome.

While the general principals adopted by the FCC seem to lay out a model we can all agree upon, it rapidly becomes clear that the shared resource of the Internet is a concern for legislators and regulators.

Chairman Martin chiding Comcast about BitTorrent. Bell Canada pointing at Google. All of the debate in Congress makes it clear that the new rules are coming.

Ron Del Sesto of Bingham McCutchen and Todd Daubert of Kelley Drye provided context and talk about the way that the subject is being perceived by Congress.

Should the debate be about universal access to real broadband? Is the last mile the real issue?

The <A Href=”http://apps.calliflower.com/conf/show/34849″> chat </a> was as interesting as the phone call. Enjoy.

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