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Squawk Box – July 15th, 2008 – Following the Money

My original description read like this: After centuries of taxes and service fees based on the use of local switching by a phone company, the application of those rules to services on the Internet is burdensome. Can Intercarrier Compensation be placed into a model that is logical for all participants? While fighting for this vision on an international and national level, some municipalities are pushing us into even more complexity.

But as look would have it we got more than original bargain.

Alistair Campbell, CTO of Truphone, joined us to talk about there experience as part of the crowd joining the iPhone application store.  And we discussed the money issues in what is being done with Apple and what the issues are with them terminating calls to the PSTN.

Which was a great segway to the conversation with Hank Hultquist of ATT and his discussion  of the need for restructuring of Inter-Carrier compensation.  The result was something extraordinary imho because the Internet and Voice views were all being discussed in one session.

Come listen and tell us what you think.

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