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SquawkBox – July 10, 2008 – Voice biometrics and VoiceVerified.com

Do you remember the 1992 movie “Sneakers” with the phrase “My voice is my password”? Voice “biometrics” has come a long way since those days and today our special guests, David Standig and Patrick Osborne of VoiceVerified.com, talked  about the current state of the industry and technology and also about what VoiceVerified brings to the picture. More info at:  http://www.voiceverified.com/

On the call: Dan York (host), David Standig (guest), Patrick Osborne (guest), David Brown, James Body, Sandro Gauci, William Volk, Ian Hood, Jonathan Jensen, Jeanette Fisher, Carolyn Smith, Moshe Maeir, Ed Smith, Arshad Merali, Warren Bent.

Show notes and links can be found at either:


Production note: Unfortunately, shortly before the show was to be recorded, there was a problem with the phone system at VoiceVerified’s office.  As a result, our guests had to join the call using a cell phone in speakerphone mode which resulted in audio  quality challenges.  We appreciate the effort they made to join the call and thank them for participating.

Full disclosure: VoiceVerified does have a business relationship with my (Dan York) employer, Voxeo, which I outlined in a blog post, but that had no bearing on my asking them to be on the show. I just think their technology is interesting and is something worth talking about.

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