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SquawkBox – July 9, 2008 – P2PSIP – Guest: David Bryan

Does Peer-to-Peer (P2P) SIP represent the future of SIP communication? Does it have the possibility to enable the creation of a peer-to-peer communication cloud that could rival Skype but be based on open standards? Where would P2P SIP fit? In an enterprise environment? consumer? What’s the technology behind it all, anyway?

Today’s Squawk Box was a fascinating one for those of us interested in the network level of how VoIP can all work. Today, pretty much all SIP-based telephony is “server-centric”. You have SIP servers to which SIP clients register. The SIP servers, be they IP-PBXs, call managers, whatever… control the overall conversation. But what if you could have SIP in a *serverless* environment? What if SIP endpoints could “self-organize” and create P2P clouds? How would this work? How secure would it be? Who would use it?

Our guest on the call was David Bryan, co-chair of the IETF’s P2PSIP Working Group and also CEO of SIPpeerior Technologies. We dove into all of those questions mentioned above and many more. It was quite an enjoyable and interesting call and we hope you find it helpful to understand this potential new way of organizing SIP communication.

Some links:

On the call: Dan York (host), Dameon Welch-Abernathy, James Body, Jim Courtney, William Volk, Ian Hood, Sergio Meinardi, Tom O’Connor.

Show notes and links can be found at either:

We thank David Bryan for joining us on the show.

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